The majority of skateboarders started learning to skateboard when they were kids or young teenagers; however, more and more adults have entered this field recently. Since the Tokyo Olympics last year, this sport and roller skating has witnessed a boom in the number of people who wanted to learn to skateboard, especially adult newbies. 

The reason for that may be because when cities went lockdown and these house-bored citizens decided to try something new and hop on the skateboard for the first time. According to Sarah Huston – the founder of Yeah Girl in his interview with Rolling Stone, this sport is perfect for such periods as during the pandemic. 

Although it is recommended to have someone with experience to help you through the very first steps in skateboarding, you can definitely learn on your own without a coach. Besides the fun, skateboarding is said to bring mental health for players, especially for people from 13 to 25 years old. 

The prerequisite condition to learn to skateboard is to have a good skateboard but it is quite hard for adults to choose one. Therefore, this thread will guide you on how to choose the best skateboards for beginners, and let’s see some suggestions from pro skaters. 


Choosing the wrong skateboard not only affects your learning process but also slows you down due to several difficulties that the wrong board brings up. For instance, a commuter is happy with a cruiser board but for skaters who want to perform complicated tricks, this option may not work well. 

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The way to pick the right skateboard for adults is just similar to other skaters by considering the height and foot size. Since most newbies haven’t determined their skating style yet, I suggest that they had better pick a complete skateboard and upgrade it later.

For beginners, here are the three most common pre-assembled types of skateboards on the market: 

  • Cruiser boards: these products are equipped with soft wheels which are suitable for cruising around and riding on different terrains and even sidewalks. Although the shape of the cruiser board varies depending on your riding style, they are quite similar to a standard skateboard. 
  • Standard skateboards: unlike cruiser boards, these skateboards have hard wheels and they are probably the most versatile type. Depending on the size of your feet, you can choose a 7.25-7.375 deck if your foot size is between 6 and 8. If you have a bigger foot, any deck larger than 7.5 inches may be perfect for you. However, this guide is not ideal for all cases as narrow skateboards offer the greater capability of handling complex tricks. On the other hand, commuters are fond of using large decks for comfort and stability. 
  • Longboards: are you into insane speeds while bombing down steep hills? If yes, a longboard is for you. Furthermore, longboards can be great for learning, long-distance skating, or cruising thanks to their amazing stability. 


Now you are probably clear about the right type of skateboard you should take. Therefore, I would like to continue by giving you some suggestions about the best skateboard for adult beginners. 

Hamboard Fish Surfskate Bamboo Wedge 53-inch

skateboard, SKATEBOARD FOR ADULT, best skateboards for beginners

If you have ever learned about the foundation of skateboarding, you probably know that this sport was originally invented by surfing. This Hamboard Fish Surfskate will allow users to experience the surfing feeling on land by a hydrodynamic tail. 

Please note that this special tail is designed for extreme maneuverability, flawless carving angles, and a perfect cruising session not just for decoration as many skaters misunderstand at SkateAdvisors. Like other skateboards on the market, the board also uses the typical polyurethane wheels and HST aluminum trucks for a smooth ride. 

Arbor Fish Bamboo 37-inch Complete Longboard

Another pintail Fish longboard made of bamboo is this Arbor’s compact design with an extended wheelbase for cruising lovers. The deck of this skateboard is not entirely made of bamboo as the main material is still hard rock maple with the top made of bamboo. For beginners who are looking for stability but still need some speed and flexibility, this board is a wise option. 

Retrospec Rift 41-inch Drop-Through Longboard

This skateboard is dedicated to speed and responsive riders as it provides excellent controllability and agility. Some typical parameters and features of this skateboard include Canadian maple, ABEC-7 bearings, kingpin trucks with the size of 180mm, and polyurethane wheels.

Penny Postcard Highland 22-inch Skateboard

The Postcard series is well known for the non-slip waffle skateboarding with iconic designs inspired by National Parks by the artist Alan Berry Rhys. if you are looking for a skateboard for bombing hills or going over a great distance, this skateboard with polyurethane wheels, stainless steel bearings, and aluminum powder-coated trucks is the best option. 

Primitive Dirty P Creation 8.25-inch Skateboard

This skateboard is created by the L. A brand – Primitive which was founded by a professional skateboarder – Paul Rodriguez. Besides manufacturing skateboards, the company also offers several products like clothes, accessories for skaters, and grip tape. In general, Primitive skateboards are good for both beginners and pro skaters. 

Autonomy Jen O’Brien Rose 7.75-Inch Skateboard

This skateboard will ensure stability and responsiveness thanks to the Ace trucks. Moreover, the board is equipped with Bronson bearings and wheels with a durometer of 99A to give skaters a good chance of experiencing a speedy ride. For an adult newbie, this board can be good to learn the fundamentals of skateboarding. 


Many adults feel ashamed when they learn to skateboard for the first time since most of the other skaters are much younger than them. However, there is no age restriction for skateboarders so you should be confident and comfortable when joining this community. 

As an adult skater, you can experience several problems before you can get the hang of this sport; therefore, focus on the basics and try to master them. After all, getting a good skateboard will be such an incredible opportunity to learn skateboarding much easier. 

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